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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

BETTER – Print Google Form Quiz

Have more control over how your Google Form™ Quiz prints. Sometimes you need your Google Form on paper and this solution will help you to do it better! Print Google Form Quiz to a Google Doc and customize!
BETTER – Print Google Form Quiz
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If you use Google Forms™ for quizzes you might find there are times when you need to print your Google Form on paper. The problem is that Google Forms prints so poorly. You have no options. You get what you get.

Printing a Google Form Quiz is not great.

2 Solutions to Print Your Google Form

As a high school math teacher, I have found that there are times it makes sense to have a paper copy of my Google Form. However, when I Control P to print I do not love the lack of options for layouts. I have created 2 Add-ons that will help you with printing your Google Forms Quizzes. Form Printer and Quiz Helper.

Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler

If you are giving quizzes in Google Forms you might want to try my Add-on for Google Form quizzes. It will help you set up all the settings for your Form in one click. You can also provide students with an individual Google Doc report of the feedback you put in Google Forms. AND MORE!

Print Form

In the Add-on menu, puzzle piece, for your Google Form Quiz choose “Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler” and

Google Doc

The “Print Form” option in Quiz Helper sends your questions in the Form to a Google Doc.

This allows you to

  • modify the margins
  • put the questions into columns
  • change the font
  • try to fit questions on a page
  • adjust the number of lines and space to respond
  • reword it so it makes sense to take on paper
  • share it with another teacher

Try It

Here is a sample of a Quiz that was in Google Forms but was exported to a Google Doc for printing. Try modifying the Google Doc before printing. Enjoy the freedom of having control over how your Google Forms™ Quiz prints!

Try out the print form option in Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler.

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