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Award Badges to Your Students with Certify’em

Gamification works! Use Google Forms to award students badges using the Forms Add-on Certify'em
Award Badges to Your Students with Certify’em
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Google Forms! We all love them. We also know Gamification works with students!! Give Badges with Google Forms.

Certify’em Add-on for Google Forms

Certify’em is a great way to reward and motivate students by sending them a certificate for demonstrating knowledge or just participating in class. Upon filling out a Google Form the student will receive a personalized certificate in their email. But did you know that you can also use Certify’em to award your students badges! Read the directions below to learn how.

Steps for Badging in Google Forms:

1) Design your badge! A badge is a Google Slides file of any size, but typically 1 to 2 inches in width and height. An easy way to get started is to copy this template provided by Certify’em. The template already includes a merge tag to personalize the badge to the student ( “{{full name}}” ). You can remove that merge tag if you like. Replace the default image with your own graphic or image for your badge. To change the dimensions of the slide itself, choose “Page Setup” from the File menu.

2) Create a new Google Form and install Certify’em. Make sure the first question is worth 0 points and asks for the student’s full name.

3) Decide how the badge will be awarded. Here are two options:

  • Make it a quiz that students take to receive a badge upon passing. For this method, assign point values to questions and set the “Passing” percent in the Certify’em controls to something appropriate (i.e. 80%).
  • Award the badge to the student just for filling out the Google Form. For this method make sure all questions are assigned 0 points. Set the “Passing” percent in Certify’em controls to 0%.

4. From the Certify’em controls select “Change Template”. A window will pop up with certificate template choices. Choose the first one titled “Select Existing”. You’ll then see all of the Google Slides files in your Google Drive. Select the one that has your badge and click the blue “Select” button.

5. Go to the Advanced options (click “Advanced” in the Certify’em controls) and select “Image” from the “Send as” menu.  You should also use the Advanced options to include any other information you wish to provide students in the email.

6. Lastly, click “Turn On” at the top of the Certify’em controls.

Your Google Form is now set up to award badges!

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