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Certificate + Google Form = Certify’em

Show students they have mastered content by providing certificates when they pass a Google Form quiz.
Certificate + Google Form = Certify’em

Certificates are great ways to show students they have mastered the content. Google Forms are the best thing since sliced bread. The developer of Flubaroo, Dave Abouav, has created Certify’em to make creating certificates for students when they pass a Google Forms quiz.

Try It

Fill out this Google Form

Google Forms Add-on

Start with a Google Form that is set for quiz features. Click on the settings cog in the upper right. Go to the Quizzes tab and toggle the quiz features on.

Settings cog in the upper right
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Puzzle Piece Add-on Menu

The puzzle piece icon in the upper right of Google Forms is the Add-on menu. If you have installed Certify’em you will see this option in the puzzle piece menu.

Puzzle piece menu in the upper right of Google Forms

This will give you a couple of confirmation screens and the sidebar for Certify’em will appear.

  1. Set the passing rate from the drop down menu
  2. Select a certificate template.
    There are many free and ready to use ones available.
  3. Click Turn ON

Distribute Form to Students

That is it! Easy peasy. Make a quiz, use the Add-on, select your pass rate, turn on Certify’em. Students who pass will be sent the certificate.

Certificate Records

You can find the student results and if they passed in a Google Sheets spreadsheet that is created for you. Click on “Certificate Records” to find the results, or simply find it in your Google Drive.

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