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Certify’em Add-on: How to Change the Passing Percentage

Google Forms certificates automatically generated by setting a passing percentage. Use Certify'em add-on
Certify’em Add-on: How to Change the Passing Percentage
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I love using Certify’em!! This is an easy way for students to demonstrate mastery from Google Forms.

Certify’em is a tool that lets you send a certificate when someone passes a quiz in a Google Form. Use it to reward and excite students or train faculty and staff. It’s super easy to use and has fully illustrated instructions here.

Forms Add-on Puzzle Piece

After installing an Add-on you can access the Add-on’s by going to the puzzle piece in the upper right of Google Forms.

Select “Show Certify’em Controls.”

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Change the Passing Percentage

If you need to set or change the passing percentage, just open the Google Form where you’re already using Certify’em and choose “Certify’em” from the Add-ons menu. Then click “Show Certify’em Controls”. The controls will pop-up and look like the picture shown.

Use Drop Down

To change the passing percentage, just click the drop-down menu next to “Passing” and select a percentage. Certify’em will immediately save your changes and you’ll be good to go!

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