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Free & Easy: Certify Students with Certify’em for Google Forms

Certify students that they have learned. Use the Certify'em add-on to provide certificates to show students have mastered a topic.
Free & Easy: Certify Students with Certify’em for Google Forms
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When students complete a Google Form wouldn’t it be cool for them to automatically receive a certificate showing their mastery? That is what Certify’em does. An Add-on for Google Forms. Certify student learning with certificates or custom certificates students can print for their fridge! I did a free webinar with OTIS view the recording:

Fill out this Google Form. If you pass the quiz, check your email for a certificate!

Install Certify’em

Make Your Quiz

Make a Google Forms Quiz. Tip, use Quiz Helper by Schoolytics (coded by Alice Keeler) to make your quiz faster! After creating your Quiz use the Certify’em Add-on to set up your certificate.

Customize the Certificate

The certificate designs are in Google Slides! This means you can not only choose from a pre-made design but that you can customize it! You can also start from scratch with your own Google Slides certificate.

On Passing

You set up the passing percentage in the Certify’em Add-on. If students pass they automatically get the certificate, as a PDF, shared with them!

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