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FUN Google Forms Fonts

Google Form fonts have been limited. Here is how you can customize your Google Forms to choose from a variety of Font styles.
FUN Google Forms Fonts

Google Forms can be even MORE fun when you customize the fonts you offer. The default is a purple background and Roboto font size 12. But how do to change the font color in Google Forms. How to change the font has been a challenge… until now.

Theme Palette

In the Google Form, locate the theme Palette at the top.

Google FOrms Fonts theme palette

Google Form Fonts

The new feature in the theme builder is Google Form Fonts. Previously, you were restricted to only a couple of font options. You now have the full range of Google Fonts.

Google forms font choices text style for header question and text are roboto

Change the default font from Roboto to your favorite font! Mine is Special Elite 🙂

Text style change font to special elite

Change the Google Form Color

If you upload a custom header to your Google Form Theme it will suggest complementary colors, however, you can customize the color and even add your own HEX code to get it the exact color of your school.

Header choose image in Google FOrms and click the color button for the color you want your Form to be.

Change Font Color in Google Forms

Unfortunately, you can still not change the font COLOR. You can change the font, but not the color.

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Change Font Google Forms

Very often I just leave the default font. I want to quickly create an assessment or survey tool for students. However, when I am creating a Google Form that will be accessed by parents or the community or for a special event outside of my classroom I want school branding.

Your school obviously has a specific set of school colors and logo, so it makes sense to customize the header and theme color of the Form.

Increase Font Size

Particularly if you are using Forms with smaller children, larger font sizes can be extremely helpful. The new feature to be able to set the font size might come in handly more often.

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