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Google Forms: Choose 3 Options

You can use a Google Form to have students rank their top 3 choices from a list of choices. Let them Choose 3 Options from the question.
Google Forms: Choose 3 Options
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I was asked how to use Google Forms to allow students to choose 3 options from a list of choices. You can use Google Forms to have students rank their choices.

Grid Question

The trick to allowing students to choose a selection out of a larger list is to use the GRID style question. Select “Multiple choice grid.”

Multiple Choice grid question in a Google Form allows students to choose 3 options

This will allow you to create a grid of rows and columns. I recommend you put your choice list in the rows. For the columns type “1st choice”, “2nd choice”, etc…

Multiple choice grid question which prompts to rank 3 choices. The rows have sports names. The columns say 1st 2nd 3rd

Notice in the example that I have more options in the rows than 3 choices. For this reason, make sure you do NOT have “Require a response in each row.”

3 Dots More Options Menu

While you do not want to require a response in each row, you DO want to require one for each choice (column.) Click on the 3 dots menu in the bottom right of Google Forms and select “Limit to one response per column.”

In the Spreadsheet

When you use a Multiple Choice Grid it will show the rows as their own column in Google Sheets.

Spreadsheet columns showing that the row choices of football soccer and tennis are now columns in the resulting spreadsheet

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