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Google Drive: Press V

Google Drive Press V toggle grid view

In Google Drive the documents are shown either as a list or as a grid of images.

Google Drive Grid view

Press V to Toggle Grid View

List view or Grid view in Google Drive. Both are helpful! List view shows a text list of your documents. Grid view shows a visual tile of your documents.

Toolbar Icon

There is a toolbar icon to toggle list view and grid view. It is the 4 squares under the G Suite logo in the upper right hand corner.
Toggle list view and toggle grid view

Clicking on the 4 squares icon will change it to Grid view and the icon will change to an icon that looks like 3 lines with squares next to them to indicate the ability to toggle back to list view.
list view to grid view

Press V

V for VIEW

In Google Drive press V. Not Control, Not Alt, just V. Press the V key to toggle between Grid view and List view.
v key

Press P

Single click on any file either in Grid view or List view and press P to PREVIEW!

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