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New! Google Slides: Grid View

Grid View Google Slides

Grid View in Google Slides

If you have ever wanted to see a grid of your slides and be able to reorganize them, now you can. Grid view comes to Google Slides

Toggle Bottom Left

By default, Google Slides is in filmstrip view. You can see the filmstrip of slides on the left hand side. In the bottom left notice the two icons. One for filmstrip view and one for grid view. Grid view looks like a rectangle made up of 6 squares.
Filmstrip View

Grid View

In Grid view, you can rearrange the slides by dragging. Select an individual slide and use the toolbar to change the slide background or change the layout.
Grid view in Google Slides


Grid view is a great place to set slide transitions if you use them. (Tip: use animations and transitions sparingly to never.) Selecting “Transition” from the toolbar, a side panel appears allowing you to set or change the transition. Click on another slide in the grid to easily adjust the transition.
Add or remove transitions in the side panel

Add a Comment

Grid view gives you an overview of all the slides. As you notice that a slide needs adjustments, click the comment icon in the toolbar. This switches you back to Filmstrip view to leave a comment on the whole slide. This is new. Previously you could leave a comment on an individual element of the slide but not the whole slide itself. Toggle back to Grid view and notice the comment indicator underneath the slide. A comment count appears for each slide with comments. The comment counts also appear to the left of the slides in the filmstrip when in Filmstrip view.
Add comments to the slide

Leave Feedback

Love the new Google Slides features? Let them know! Use the Help menu and choose “Report a problem.” Don’t let the word “problem” scare you. It’s actually their feedback screen. Tell them what you love about Google Slides!
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