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Key Tip For Google Drive Toggle Grid View

Use the keyboard shortcut to toggle grid view in Google Drive.
Press V in Google Drive
Key Tip For Google Drive Toggle Grid View
Press V in Google Drive

Press V: Switch Between Grid View and List View

v key

In Google Drive press the V key. This will toggle you between grid view and list view easily.

v for view

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List view shows the title of the documents in a concise list. (Tip: click Q Q quickly to adjust the comfort level of the spacing). Grid view shows a large square preview of the document.

List view and grid view

Most of the time I have my Google Drive in list view. I want to quickly scroll through a lot of documents. List view allows me to see more items at a time. However, sometimes I am not sure what I named the file and need the preview of the document to locate easily.

Pressing V will toggle between the list view and the grid view. If you need to preview the document press P. Note these are NOT using other keys like Control. It is just V to toggle the VIEW and P to toggle the PREVIEW.

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