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Preview Student Work and Add a Screenshot

Preview and Screenshot
Preview Student Work and Add a Screenshot

Preview and Screenshot

Preview Student Work and Add a Screenshot

Faster than opening students documents is to preview their work in Google Drive. I try to be in the habit of taking a screenshot of student work when I look at when I comment on it.

In an age of dynamic documents, your comment may not match the current version of the document.

Press P

In Google Drive you will press P to preview the document.
P for Preview


Install my QuickShare Screenshot Chrome extension. This allows you to take a full or partial screenshot. The screenshot saves to Google Drive and the link is copied to your clipboard. Note: You will need to one time only, change the sharing permissions on the QuickShare folder in Google Drive to “Anyone with the link can view.”
Take a screenshot with QuickShare Screenshot

Use Control V to paste the screenshot into the comments for the student in Google Classroom (or whatever program you use).

Tucked Windows

I try to strategically arrange my Google Drive window with Google Classroom. I size each window about 3/4 of the screen (not half and half, I want the screen space). I leave about an inch of Google Classroom visible on the left hand side. This way I can look at student work in the preview, take a screenshot, and click on the Google Classroom window to leave a comment (and paste the link to the screenshot) to the student.
Tucking the windows

The Drive window is aligned to the right side of the screen. When I click on the Google Classroom window I can then see a sliver of the Drive window on the right hand side to make it easy to switch back and forth between the preview of student work and leaving them a comment.
Leave students a comment while still being able to see a little of the Google Drive preview

It is easy to toggle between the Google Drive preview and leaving students feedback in Google Classroom.

Arrow to Next Preview

Notice in Google Drive there is an arrow on the screen to go to the next student’s document. You can also use the right arrow.
Go to the next student

Control F

Control F will find the students name in the roster faster than you can scroll to the student (at least for me, I have practiced it). If I am looking at Craig’s work in preview, then when I click back over to Google Classroom I use Control F and type Craig and press enter to jump to his name in the roster. TIP: Sort Google Drive by name and sort Google Classroom by first name and then they more closely match up.

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