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Turn Your Docs into Forms and Slides

How to turn a Google Doc into a Form. Use Document Outline by Alice Keeler Add-on to quickly turn your Google Docs into Forms, Slides, or Sheets.
Turn Your Docs into Forms and Slides
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While I have been known to be cheeky and say “Do not use Google Docs™ I of course use Google Docs™. Brainstorming a list of what I want is easiest with Google Docs. I can get my idea down, press Enter for the next line, and keep going. Highlight text and use Control X to cut the text. Control V to paste it in a new location. Very efficient.

But it is boring.

Turn your Google Doc into a Google Form

Typing out questions for a Form (or Slides) is definitely faster in a Google Doc, but copying and pasting the questions into a Google Form is not fun. I have created the Add-on Document Outline by Schoolytics to help make this much faster. This Add-on (coded by Alice Keeler) collects NO user data. NO PII.

Use Headings

The key to using Document Outline by Alice Keeler is to use headings in your Google Doc. Each heading becomes a new question in a Google Form. If you are wanting a Google Slides™, each heading becomes a new slide. Notice in the toolbar the default for the text you type in a Google Doc is “Normal text.” Instead, switch to Heading 1. Text that is left as normal text will be added as the hint text in a Form or added to the speaker notes in a Google Slides.

Notice also, on the left of your Google Doc the document outline is populated with your headings. If you do not see the Document Outline, click on the View menu.

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Add-on Menu

Use the Add-on menu to choose “Document Outline by Alice Keeler” and show the sidebar. This will give you several buttons to turn your Document Outline into a new Google Doc™, into a Google Slides™, into a Google Form™, or into Google Sheets™.

Sidebar for Document Outline by Schoolytics to send outline to Doc, Slides, or Forms

Are Pop-Ups Enabled?

If you have pop-ups enabled, the new Google Doc, Form, Slides, or Sheet will open in a new tab. If you do not have them enabled, check your Google Drive under “Recent” to find the new documents.

Getting You Started

The purpose of Document Outline is to get your started with your Form or Slides. Save you a little time from brainstorm to creation. You will

Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler

If you have created a Google Form from “Document Outline by Alice Keeler” you may want to use the Google Forms™ Add-on “Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler.” This will quickly convert your Form to a Quiz. Collect email addresses. Add a question for first and last name. Shuffle the question order. Capture the edit response link. It will also allow you to create custom Google Doc™ Feedback reports for students.

Free Add-on Quiz Helper by Schoolytics

What is Schoolytics?

I am a part-time high school math teacher and a part-time developer for Schoolytics. What I do for Schoolytics is really what I did before I worked for Schoolytics. I listen to teachers for pain points with using Google Apps and create solutions.

Schoolytics helps you to use Google Classroom better. (Soon other platforms will be available on Schoolytics.com). I can quickly see what has been turned in and when. ACROSS CLASSES! I can select all of my periods of Geometry and see what Geometry assignments were submitted. All periods merged together. The date, class, and student filters helps me to quickly find the information I need to grade faster and communicate better with parents. I love the “Create progress reports” feature that exports the progress report to Google Docs that I can customize and share with the student, counselor, or guardian. Reusing assignments in Google Classroom is a pain. Schoolytics lets you SEARCH for assignments across classes, including archived classes. I can read the entire description before I decide to reuse the assignment. This saves me so much time.

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