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Forcing Google Forms Checkbox Selections

Using Google Forms you have a need to have more control over how the person responds. With Checkboxes the responder can select multiple things, but what if you want them to select exactly 3 items no more no less. Forcing Google Forms Checkbox Selections is possible.
forcing checkboxes in Google Forms
Forcing Google Forms Checkbox Selections

In Google Forms you can use the “Checkboxes” option to allow the responder to select multiple options. In a multiple choice question, responders can select exactly one option. Checkboxes may look like “Select all that… ” However, what if you need the user to select exactly “3” options, no more, no less?

3 Dots

The 3 dots, more options, menun

Response Validation

One of the options under the 3 dots menu is “Response validation.” Choose this to force the response to meet certain parameters.

Screenshot of 3 dots more options menu that shows response validation as an option

Select Exactly

The default is “Select at least.” Change this to “Select exactly.” This will force the user to choose “3” options.

Set the Number

Type the number of how many checkboxes the responder should select. Suggestion to set the error text if they choose a different number than “3.”

Forcing Google Forms Checkbox Selections

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