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Reverse Sort and Wrap Google Forms Responses

If you use Google Forms and connect Google Sheets you may want to view the results in reverse order. Use this feature to make it easier.
Reverse sort and wrap google forms responses with quick crop
Reverse Sort and Wrap Google Forms Responses

When using Google Forms with a spreadsheet, you might want to see the newest additions to the spreadsheet first. Scrolling through the list of Form entries you have already seen is not productive. The free Add-on Quick Crop has a fast way to manage your Google Form results in Google Sheets. You can easily reverse sort and wrap Google Forms responses. 

Install Quick Crop

Quick Crop is 100% free. It collects NO USER DATA! No PII. Designed by my son, Jackson Keeler.

Quick Crop allows you to quickly crop the size of the spreadsheet to the spreadsheet data. 

Additional Features

Quick Crop has additional features to allow you to reverse sort and wrap Google Forms Responses. 

Use the puzzle piece for Forms Add-ons. Form Printer sends Form to Google Docs to allow you to customize how your Form looks. Also, print responses better.

Add-on for Google Sheets

Quick Crop is an Add-on for Google Sheets. You can find the features by using the Extensions menu to select “Quick Crop.” 

While the main design of Quick Crop is to crop your spreadsheet, you maybe have some additional needs to help you get your spreadsheet quickly useable. 

Sort and Wrap Google Forms Responses

After setting up the spreadsheet for Google Forms responses, I want to quickly be able to read the responses. This means I need to have the sheet have word wrap enabled on the entire sheet. Additionally, I want to see new responses at the top of the sheet. 

Wrap & Sort Option in Quick Crop

Rapidly and easily “Quick Crop” can wrap the text and sort the newest Form responses to the top. From the Extensions menu, select “Quick Crop” and choose “Wrap & Sort.” 

Some of your Google Forms questions might elicit a wordy response. Be sure to adjust your column widths for questions that need more room in addition to wrapping the text. 

The next time you open your Google Sheets spreadsheet, go to the Exensions menu to select “Wrap & Sort” from the Quick Crop options. Now you’re ready to review the responses!! 

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