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10 Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

Google Developer Expert and Google Certified Innovator Alice Keeler shows you 10 Google Docs Add-ons for teachers.
10 Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers
10 Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

Google Docs is a staple tool for teachers and nonteachers alike. you’ve probably found Google Docs to be an absolute game-changer in the classroom. It’s simple, user-friendly, and, best of all, it gets better with Add-ons.

I’m always looking for ways to make teaching a little easier and a lot more fun. That’s exactly why I started creating Google Docs Add-ons specifically for teachers. I believe teaching should be about connecting with students, not getting bogged down by paperwork and processes.

In this post, I would like to share with you 10 Google Docs Add-ons for teachers. They’re practical, they’re innovative, and they’re going to help you get more out of Google Docs. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. Stickity

Add stickers to Google Docs with Stickity. A fun way to add feedback. Spice up your directions documents. 

Doc to Slides

Quickly turn your Google Doc text into Google Slides

Created by AliceKeeler – Collects NO user data.

2. Word Cloud

One of the best Google Docs Add-ons for teachers is “Word Cloud for Docs.” Students can create a word cloud of their writing to show a visual of their keywords. 

3. Helperbird

Read, understand and navigate the web easier. Giving you features to make Google Docs™ & Google Slides™ more accessible. Including Immersive reader & dyslexia support

4. Automagical Forms

Former math teacher John McGowan created Automagical Forms to turn your Google Doc into a Google Form. Go to Google Drive and choose the Automagical unicorn icon in the side menu. Select your Google Doc or PDF to turn into a Google Form. 

5. Insert Icons for Docs

Add icons in any color to your Google Doc. Make your Google Doc more visual. 

Remove Blank Lines

Clean up ChatGPT formatting when pasting to a Google Doc™. 

Created by AliceKeeler – Collects NO user data.

6. Barcode and QR Code Generator

Being able to add QR codes easily to posters and handouts is a must for teachers. “Barcode and QR Code Generator” Add-on makes it easy to add QR codes to your Google Docs. 

7. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

For math teachers needing to add graphing calculator capabilities to Google Docs. 

Document Outline

Convert your Google Docs™ Headings into Slides, Forms, Sheets, or Docs. 

Created by AliceKeeler – Collects NO user data.

8. Comment Bank

Save a bank of your own comments and phrases that can be copied at the click of a button from a sidebar in Google Docs.

9. Español Typing

Created by my friend Gaby Sanchez, this Add-on helps you to add accents to documents written in Spanish. 

10. Save Inline Image

Has another teacher shared with you a Google Doc with images you want to incorporate into your Google Slides? “Save Inline Images” saves those images to your Google Drive, making it easy to add to other documents. 

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    1. Your district SHOULD block add-ons until they have been determined to be safe. I always had to put in a request to the IT person to approve my Add-ons. They usually did so within a day. Each district is different. I collect no user data. EVER.

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