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Navigate Google Forms Sections

If you use Google Forms you want to be using SECTIONS in Google Forms and controlling how students navigate the Form.. Navigate Google Forms Sections
Navigate Google Forms Sections
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When you create a Google Form do you ever create sections? This essentially divides your Google Form up into pages. There are many great reasons to use sections in a Google Form. A really long Form is overwhelming, divide it up to make it more manageable. You can use sections to create branching where the student is taken to a page based on their answer. You provide context to your form when you cluster questions around themes. When you shuffle questions, they only shuffle in the section. This keeps “what is your name?” from being question #12. Navigate Google Forms sections:

The LAST Icon

In the Google Forms floating toolbar the last icon looks like 2 rectangles stacked on top of each other.

Create sections using the last icon on the floating toolbar. It looks like 2 rectangles.

At the bottom of each section, the default is “Continue to the next section.” I highly recommend that you do not leave this default text, but instead, get in the habit of always explicitly indicating what section to move on to.

Green arrow with section navigation pointing to the After section 1 continue to next section option.

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Drop Down Options

Notice next to the “Continue to next section” option is a drop down arrow. You will see that each section is offered as a navigation choice. I find it to be very helpful to not leave my sections as “untitled section” but instead to name them so I can avoid confusion when attempting to map what to do after each section.

Continue to next section. Go to section 1, 2, 3, etc... and the option to Submit form

Submit Form

The “Submit Form” option for section navigation is a fantastic hidden feature. Once you know it is there you will use it often! Depending on how students respond in the Form I will want them to be finished.

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