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Google Forms: STOP Students From Going to Previous Section

Google Forms is a survey tool. The quiz features in Google Forms were added ONTO the survey features. One thing that may frustrate you with using a Google Form as a quiz is that students can navigate BACK to sections and you want to prevent them from doing this.

Install Free Add-on for Google Forms: Quiz Helper by Schoolytics
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Created by Alice Keeler. Collects NO User Data.

Creating Sections in a Google Form

Start with a Google Form. Use the Quiz Helper by Schoolytics Add-on to turn it into a Quiz and automatically add student first and last name as a question. Quiz Helper will add a section to your Google Form to separate your demographics questions from the quiz questions.

However, you may want to add more sections to your Google Form! Using the floating toolbar, select the last icon (or if you like a keyboard shortcut holding Ctrl, press i then b).

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Questions Shuffle In the Section

IF you turn on question shuffling in the settings (and Quiz Helper will automatically turn this on for you) the questions shuffle IN THE SECTION. What does that mean? You do not want “What is your name” to be the 5th question. However, if you shuffle the questions in the settings… ALL the questions shuffle and who knows where the name question ends up. The trick to this is to create sections. Any questions in the section shuffle. But they do not go to other sections.

Go Back to the Last Section

With each section, the student will see the collection of questions in the section. There will be a button to go to the next section and a button to go BACK a section.

Disable the Back Button

The “Back” button in Google Forms can not be disabled.

Hack Work Around

The workaround to not being able to disable the back button is to create a separate form instead of a separate section. Only allow students to take the Google Form quiz once. After they submit the “first section” they are directed to the next section, which is in a completely different Google Form.

Presentation Tab

On the Settings tab in the Google Form™ locate the Presentation section. For “After submission” click on “Edit” and tell the students to go to the next section by clicking on the link. PASTE THE LINK TO THE NEXT GOOGLE FORM.

Presentation tab in Google Forms. Highlighted the presentation word. Highlighted the after submission section. Added "Please move onto the next section. Click here" and put the link to another google form.

Use the Same Spreadsheet

It is possible to have multiple Google Forms go to the same spreadsheet. The results will be on different tabs but in the same spreadsheet. From the Responses tab in the 2nd Form click on the spreadsheet icon and choose “Select existing spreadsheet.” Choose the spreadsheet from the first Form.

Screenshot of the Google Forms pop up for Select Response Destination with the choice being select existing spreadsheet. Click select

Suggestion: Put Quiz Part 1 as an assignment in the grade book and Quiz Part 2 as a separate assignment.

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