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Google Forms: Adding Sections

Google Forms: Adding Sections
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You probably are not in the habit of creating sections in a Google Form but I would recommend you use sections often.

Create Pages

Think of sections like pages. If you have a lot of questions you want to break it up into pages.

Last Icon on the Toolbar

When adding questions to your Google Form, which is the first icon on the floating toolbar, also add sections. Sections are the LAST icon on the toolbar. It looks like two rectangles.

Shuffle Questions

In the settings, if you choose to “Shuffle question order” all of the questions will be shuffled, including “what is your name?” Questions are shuffled WITHIN the section. By creating a section just for demographics questions such as “What is your name?” you can ensure that question will never be at the end of your Form.

Sample Form

Try this sample form. Notice that I have the demographics questions in the first section. The second section has a set of questions, but since I turned on “Shuffle question order” they are likely scrambled. I have a 3rd section (page) with another question.

Go to the Next Section

By default your Form flows from one section to the next section. Notice it says “After section 1 Continue to the next section.”

Change Page Navigation

Under the section, click the tiny arrow to change the default flow of the Form from the next section to a specific section. Sometimes it makes sense to have a section of questions hidden. For example, at the beginning of the school year you may need to have new students fill out a Form with information pertinent to beginning of the year activities. You want to reuse this same Form next year so you do not want to delete the questions. But if they are in a section that can be skipped until you want to use those questions again then changing the flow of the Form destination can make sense.

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