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11 Getting Started for the School Year Blog Posts

2016 school year alice keeler
11 Getting Started for the School Year Blog Posts

2016 school year alice keeler

Getting Going with 2016-2017

As the 2016-2017 school year gets going here are 11 blog posts that you may find helpful to get your rolling into the new year. If you are new to Google Apps for Education or are ready to take it to the next level, check out some of these blog posts. If you are new to Google Classroom check out 50thingsbook.com for a tour of Google Classroom.

11 Blog Posts to Get You Going

1. 11 Tips When You’re New to Google Apps for Education

If you are new to Google Apps for Education here are 11 things to make sure that you know.

2. Instead of Rules…. Community Builders

Consider how you build community rather than give rules.

3. Be Student Centered Day One

If the first thing you do on the first day is stand in front of the class and talk about yourself, are you setting the groundwork for a student centered classroom?

4. Sharing Settings in Google Docs

Essential to understand how to share documents in Google Docs.

5. Google Forms: Turn On Quiz Features

New feature in Google Forms. Google Forms will grade the answers. Tip: Use Quiz feature OR Flubaroo. Not both.

6. Google Forms: Creating Formative Assessment Quizzes

These formative assessment tips will help you to be more responsive to student needs.

7. Google Classroom: How to Reuse Your Syllabus

Paradigm shift: With Google Apps you do NOT make copies you edit them. All of the revisions are contained within the same document. No copies needed. Have confidence that you always have the right version.

7b. Google Classroom: Reuse an Assignment

8. Google Classroom: Hear From Everyone

How does technology make learning better? Hear from ALL students instead of one or two. Give students time to THINK before responding to a question. Ask the question digitally first before going whole class to talk about it.

9. Google Forms: Do NOT Duplicate Forms

Do not copy Google Forms. A couple of quick steps refreshes your Form to use again with the next class. Tip to ask in the Form for period and school year in a dropdown question to make it easy to filter for these values.

10. Google Classroom: 6 Tips to Level Up

Start by posting directions and then level up to attaching work for students.

11. Google Classroom: Do Not Jump In The Deep End

Using technology is a shift in mindset. How can you better interact with students before you assign and collect work? Do not jump in the deep end. First focus on mindset, go easy.

Templates and Activities to Try

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Google Slides: Ask and Respond Template

Google Slides: Discussion Template

Updated: Epic Rubric on Google Sheets

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