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click on settings cog in Google Forms

Google Forms Quizzes

Google has realized that there are many of us who are using their survey tool for formative assessment quizzes. They have now added features that allow you to treat your Form as a quiz, set an answer key on multiple choice questions, and have it automatically graded.

Formative assessment is to form what you do next. Not to have something to put in the gradebook.

Google Forms and multiple choice are great for getting data quickly and being responsive to the data. I am a believer that formative assessment should not go in the gradebook as a grade. The data could be telling me, your lesson was not as awesome as you thought it was. Burning failure into the gradebook is not motivating for students.

Settings Cog

To enable the quiz features in Google Forms, click on the settings cog while editing. The 3rd tab “Quizzes” allows you to turn ON the option to make your Form into a quiz.

google forms quizzes features


The quiz feature in Google Classroom is not as powerful as using the spreadsheet Add-on Flubaroo (flubaroo.com). One of my favorite features in Flubaroo is the ability to send a personalized feedback note to each student. Flubaroo sends student scores and feedback to their email and/or to a file in Google Drive. This is especially important if your school does not have email enabled for students.

To use Flubaroo you will need to create a spreadsheet for your quiz. Click on the “Responses” tab when editing your Google Form and click on the spreadsheet icon.
Responses tab and spreadsheet icon

In the spreadsheet, use the Add-on menu and find the add-on “Flubaroo.” Flubaroo will grade your student responses in the spreadsheet and give you options to manually grade some questions and send personalized feedback.

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