Google Slides Ask and Respond Template

Use Google Slides to Interact with Students

“Don’t use Google Slides to give information, use it to GET information.”

While I do use Google Slides to share information with students, my favorite use for Google Slides is collaboration. I have been using Google Slides in conjunction with Google Hangouts with my students. Setting up a Google Slides, I edit the slide layout to have slides for me to share a question or some information and then I create a student slide to allow students to respond. I change the background color of the student slides and insert a spot for students to type their name.

Google Slides Ask Template

Google Slides Ask Template

Insert Comments

One of the first things I do when using Google Slides for an interactive Google Hangout experience is ask students to insert a comment on the first slide. Use the keyboard shortcut Control Alt M to insert and Control Enter to save the comment. Students can also right click to insert a comment. During the interactive experience I ask students to insert comments on each others slides and I insert comments on student slides.

Hangouts or Not

This template can be used with Google Hangout… or not. Anytime you want student interactivity something like this can be useful. Project the Google Slides template during a class discussion, allowing students to respond first digitally and providing a record of some of the discussion points.

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