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What can you not do with collaborative Google Slides? It is such a versatile tool, you can almost use it for everything. Google Slides are a great way to get started using tech and Google Classroom. Create a blank Google Slides and have students insert an idea, a picture of their work, draw something, concurrently build presentations in the same presentation, . It does take a few minutes for students to get used to the idea that they are all editing the same document, but it is so amazing to see all students working at once. Quickly students learn to work together in a collaborative environment.

Discussion Template


This works a little like a Twitter chat if you have ever participated in one (bit.ly/educhatcalendar). Post a question in Google Slides and then have the students insert a slide to respond to the question. Students can insert comments on the slides of other students to respond. Insert the next question when ready.

After making a copy of the template, click on the arrow next to the plus icon to choose a slide template. There are 4 color coded question templates pre loaded into the template. Choose the “Question 1 Slide” to insert a question to the students.
alice keeler discussion template slides

Google Classroom

Attach the Google Slides presentation discussion into Google Classroom as “Students can edit file.”
Student can edit file

Students Add a Slide

Students will click on the arrow next to the plus icon and choose the response slide. When they make a mistake and choose the wrong template, students can click the “Layout” button in the toolbar to change the layout.
Change the layout

In the response slide, students respond to the question. There is also a spot to insert their name.

Peer Comments

Encourage students to go to the slides of other students and right click to insert comments in reply. Students can plus mention students in their comments by typing a plus sign immediately followed by the student’s email address. This will alert a specific student to the comment.
plus mention

Next Question

After students have responded to the first question, click on the arrow next to the plus icon and choose the layout for the second question. Quickly type or paste the question into the question spot. Students can then respond to the second question by using the second response template.
Second layoutQui

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