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Q Chart Google Slides Template

Q Chart

Use this Q Chart template with your students. I’ll be honest, as a high school math teacher this template is not something I used. However, Phiona Lloyd uses them and I trust her when she says they are great! Each quadrant of the chart represents a different cognitive level for questioning.


To use this template make a copy and save it to your Google Drive. There are 2 layout choices. The first layout choice has no text boxes and students will have to create their own. The second layout choice has a text box for each square in the Q Chart. Add multiple slides with the template by clicking the plus icon in the upper left-hand corner.
google slides q chart template use layouts

Use the template collaboratively with students by having each student insert one of the Q chart layouts. Alternatively, students can each have their own copy of the template to fill out. I am a big fan of collaborative Google Slides since it gives me one document to open and makes it a lot easier for me to give students feedback quickly. It is also easy for students to provide peer feedback since they are all in the same document.

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