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control n rename files in google drive

Google Drive: Press N to Rename

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Use N to Rename a Google Doc In Google Drive you can easily rename files using the keyboard shortcut N. Single Click Click one time on a file in Google Drive. Press N to prompt a box to rename. Mass Rename One time I accidentally attached the wrong document in Google Classroom. I had to delete the assignment in Google Classroom.… Read More »Google Drive: Press N to Rename

Zoom in on your Chrome browser

ZOOM – Control Plus, Minus, Zero

Zoom in On Your Screen When showing your screen, and especially when recording your screen, you want to zoom in. These keyboard shortcuts work on your browser window (ie: when you’re using Chrome). Control Plus Hold down the Control key (Command on a Mac) and press the plus key repeatedly to zoom in. Control Minus Control Minus zooms out. Control… Read More »ZOOM – Control Plus, Minus, Zero

Sharing in Google Drive

Google Drive: Share with a Period

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Be a Keyboard Shortcut Ninja Learn one keyboard shortcut a week and you’ll be a ninja of the computer by the end of the school year! Put your keyboard shortcut on a Post-It note on your computer. When you have that one mastered, learn another one. Sharing in Google Drive What makes Google Apps truly innovative, besides the elimination of… Read More »Google Drive: Share with a Period

google forms control E

Google Forms: Control E

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Google Forms Settings With the new Google Forms you want to make sure that you click on the settings wheel. The Google Form settings allow you to set who can take the form, provide a confirmation message, automatically collect username (email) or allow students to submit another response. Control E Since you want to check the Google Form settings with… Read More »Google Forms: Control E

Google Forms: Tab Tab Type

When I first saw that the new Google Forms only has one option for multiple choice I was disappointed. Using the mouse is something I try to avoid. Tab and keyboard shortcuts can help me be super productive when creating. Happily a few tricks makes it a snap to create a Google Form. Tab and Type When adding a question… Read More »Google Forms: Tab Tab Type

Control F – Find

Control F lets you find keywords on a web page or within a document. Command F on a Mac. This keyboard shortcut is handy in a gradebook to jump quickly to a student’s name in the roster. Research Technique As we shift towards asking students complex questions, we need to help students filter through the “One Million” page results Google… Read More »Control F – Find

Be a Ninja: Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts and using them consistently helps you to feel like a ninja at the computer. Look up keyboard shortcuts on a Google search and the length of the list may feel overwhelming. An easy way to help students to increase their digital literacy skills is to integrate keyboard shortcuts into instruction. Include keyboard shortcuts in your activity directions or… Read More »Be a Ninja: Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Drive: Shift S

Start with Google Drive. Instead of using the “New” button to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet, hold down the Shift key and press S to magically launch a new Sheets in a new tab.