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Control T – Open a New Tab

Control T – Open a New Tab

Control T - open a new tab

Control T – Open a New Tab

I have to admit I get a little twitchy when I see someone using the mouse or trackpad to open a new tab. CONTROL T! Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the easiest ways to significantly improve your efficiency when using the computer. Take the challenge to learn one new shortcut a week and you’ll be amazed at how good you become with the computer.

New Tab

Instead of clicking on the little icon at the top of the browser to open a new tab, hold down the Control key and press T. For Mac users it is Command T.
click the new tab icon

Control W

Kick it up a notch and vow to not get your mouse anywhere near the top of the browser 🙂 Use Control W to close the tab. I do this a lot. Control T to open a new tab. Do not touch the mouse, just start typing. Do a Google Search. Look at my results and then use Control W to put me right back where I was before I got distracted 🙂
control T control w

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