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Gmail Shortcuts [Infographic]

Infographic of Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Link to infographic

Turn On Keyboard Shortcuts

Unlike the other Google Apps you need to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. Click on the settings cog and choose “Settings.” Scroll down in the settings a bit to find the option to turn on keyboard shortcuts.
Choose settings in gmail

Keyboard Shortcuts


The trick is to learn one at a time! I think SEND is the most helpful, Control Enter. This is the same keyboard shortcut to save a comment in a Google Doc. It is the same keyboard shortcut to post in Google Plus. It is the same keyboard shortcut to send a tweet.


To CC or BCC a person while composing an email you need to click on the letters on the upper right. OR use Control Shift C to CC or Control Shift B to BCC.
cc or bcc
Change Font Size

Increase font size with Control Shift plus. Decrease font size with Control Shift minus. The usual Control B to bold, Control I to italicize, and Control U to underline work in Gmail.


I get a lot of email, I delete a lot of email. To quickly delete an email use the pound symbol (or hashtag). The pound symbol is on the 3 key. You will need to hold down the Shift key and press 3 to delete the email.


While reading an email press R to reply. Reply all is simply the A key.


While we are using obvious keyboard shortcuts, how about forwarding an email. Press F.

Compose a New Email

To compose a new email you press the red Compose button. Or you can just press C to compose a new email.

Note: I created the key stamps using Snagit.


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