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Google Drive: Press N to Rename

control n rename files in google drive
Google Drive: Press N to Rename

Google Drive Press N to rename Google Drive Rename

Use N to Rename a Google Doc

In Google Drive you can easily rename files using the keyboard shortcut N.

Single Click

Click one time on a file in Google Drive. Press N to prompt a box to rename.

Mass Rename

One time I accidentally attached the wrong document in Google Classroom. I had to delete the assignment in Google Classroom. However, the folder of student work is still in Google Drive. Some students had done work on the mistaken assignment and I didn’t want to delete all the files. I instead opted to rename all of the files to “Old” so students could tell.

Steps (NO mouse required):

  • Single click first file.
  • Press N
  • Go to front of the line and type the word you wish to append with a space.
  • Hold down shift and repeatedly press the left arrow key to select the characters of the appended word.
  • Use Control C to copy the appended word.
  • Press enter.
  • Down arrow.
  • Press N.
  • Home button (I use Command left arrow on my Mac) to put the cursor at the front of the line.
  • Control V to paste
  • Press enter
  • Repeat
Google Drive Rename

Google Drive Rename

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