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Get That One Character You Missed When Highlighting

This morning I was highlighting, selecting, a URL. I missed it by one character (always!). This is an easy fix!! Hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight one character at a time.

Shift Left Arrow

Shift Left Arrow

Shift left arrow will select one character to the left at a time.

highlight one character at a time

Shift Right Arrow

When I am highlighting (selecting) from left to right I will oftentimes leave off the last character accidentally. Holding down the Shift key and pressing the right arrow key helps me to get the entire selection.

Shift Down Arrow

Holding down Shift and the down arrow key selects lines of text. This can be really handing when you’re having a hard time getting your text selection. Sometimes it seems like I am highlighting way too many lines or I just can not get that exact right selection. Using the Shift key and the down arrow key helps me to have more control over what I am highlighting. I may need to also use Shift and right arrow to get those last few characters in the last line.


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