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Google Slides: 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Slides is one of my favorite collaboration creativity tools. Think outside the box to go beyond presentations. Here are 5 keyboard shortcuts that are sure to increase productivity. 1) Control Shift Up Arrow I use this EVERY DAY! Control Shift Up Arrow sends an object on the slide UP to the top. (Note this works on Jamboard also). Control… Read More »Google Slides: 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Partial Screenshot on a Chromebook

Chromebook- Partial Screenshot

Teaching with Chromebooks it is essential that students know how to take a screenshot. Use this keyboard shortcut to take a PARTIAL screenshot.

Move Backwards Google Form

Shift Tab…. Go Backwards

Use the Shift Key When Using Tab When filling out a Google Form (or any form) use the TAB key to move between the fields of the form. Use the mouse less! However, what if you need to go back UP the Form? Shift Tab Hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key. This will send you backwards… Read More »Shift Tab…. Go Backwards

Paste Special

Magic Paste!! Control Shift V

Paste Special with Control Shift V When you copy and paste off the internet… it messes up your document. It pastes the formatting from the internet and doesn’t match what you had. Strip Formatting Normally you paste with Control V. Try also holding down the SHIFT key with that. This will match your destination formatting. If you have hot pink,… Read More »Magic Paste!! Control Shift V

UNDO with Control Z

Essential Skill Undo with Control Z If you do not already know Control Z today is about to be a great day that will save you hours of future heartache. On your keyboard Control Z (or Command Z on a Mac) will UNDO. Wipeout Email Have you ever been typing whole paragraphs and then suddenly… poof .. it’s gone? Your… Read More »UNDO with Control Z

Control A Select All

Control A – Select All

Keyboard Shortcut – Control A to Select All Keyboard shortcuts greatly improve your productivity when using the computer. I recommend learning one a week. Put your shortcut on a post it on your computer and make an effort to use it as often as possible until it becomes muscle memory. What prompted me to write this post is I was logging… Read More »Control A – Select All