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How Are Click Here Made

Are you wondering "How are click here made?" You see "Click Here" in many websites or emails. Here are the steps for how to create your own hyperlinks so people can click here.
How Are Click Here Made

Before you Click Here, know what you are clicking on. When you see “Click Here” the text has been hyperlinked. Notice that the font is a different color and underlined. This indicates that when you “Click Here” on the hyperlinked text it will go to another webpage. However… where is the hyperlinked text going? Before clicking on hyperlinked text always HOVER over the link. THEN I will show you “how are click here made.”

Before I show you how to MAKE a hyperlink, I want you to be aware of what is hyperlinked. When you are on any webpage and the text on the page is hyperlinked, hover over the text. This will change your mouse arrow into a click hand. BEFORE CLICKING, look in the bottom left corner of the website. As you hover on the hyperlink a small strip appears to let you know where that hyperlink is actually going.

It is really important that you are mindful of what you are clicking on.

The idea of “CLICK HERE” is to make your text look nicer. A long website URL https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/search/alice%20keeler makes your text look cluttered and difficult to read. Hyperlinking text is also nice when you want to give reference to something, but the point of the writing is not to direct someone to that. For example, I have written 7 books. That is not the point of this article. However, when I mention my books I certainly want to let you easily find them if you are wanting to know more. Hyperlinking is great for that.

First, I put the text that I want to hyperlink. I have coded 18 Add-ons that have been approved by Google. First, I typed the sentence with the words I wish to convey. I can also just type “CLICK HERE.

Highlight the Text

Notice in the above sentences I did not hyperlink the entire sentence, but rather, only a few of the words. You will want to highlight the words you want to hyperlink. In the case of “How are click here made” you will want to highlight the words CLICK HERE.

There are several ways to highlight text.

  1. Double click on a word. This will highlight the word.
  2. Triple click on a word. This will highlight the paragraph.
  3. Single click in the text and while holding down your mouse, drag your cursor over the letters you wish to highlight.
  4. Hold down the SHIFT KEY and use the arrow keys to highlight characters of text.

Control K

One way to hyperlink text is to use the toolbars in the text editor you are using. USUALLY this is a chain link icon. While the text is highlighted, click on the chain link icon to paste the destination URL.

HyperlinK ends in the Letter K

Once you realize that the word hyperlinK ends in the letter K it makes it easier to remember the keyboard shortcut. CONTROL K, or Command K on a Mac. Control K will have the same effect as the chain icon in the toolbar. However, the chain icon is often difficult to find. Learning the keyboard shortcut Control K will be much faster than trying to figure out for each text editing situation where the link icon is… if there even is one.

So please CLICK HERE to join my newsletter to learn more helpful tips.

How Are Click Here Made

  1. Type the words CLICK HERE
  2. Highlight the words CLICK HERE
  3. Use Control K to open an option to link to a URL
  4. Paste with Control V the destination URL

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