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HyperlinK – Control K


Control K to hyperlink

Use Control K to Make a Hyperlink

A hyperlink is text that you can click on to open a webpage. If I say CLICK HERE and hyperlink the text it will open to a descriptive meme template. I ask my students to keep a list of activities they do and to hyperlink to their evidence. They list the activities on a Google Sheets spreadsheet and then click on the cell and use Control K to link that cell to the Google Doc they did.

Hyperlink Ends in K

hyperlink ends in K

Hyperlink ends in a K. This can help you to remember the keyboard shortcut for hyperlinK. Type your text and then highlight the text you wish to hyperlink. Hold down the Control key and press K. The text will turn blue to indicate that it is clickable.

A Hyperlink is Not a Hyperdoc

Note: A Hyperdoc is not a document with hyperlinks. A Hyperdoc should include the 4 C’s and be an inquiry activity.

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