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Google Slides: Create a Hyperlink Tutorial

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Create Branching Slides for an Interactive Google Slides Experience


This is a tutorial on creating Google Slides that hyperlink to non sequential slides. Instead of the user going from slide 1 to slide 2 the user makes a decision based on the slide and clicks a button to jump to a slide with more information or a correction.

Click Here for the tutorial.

Create Slides

Create a Google Slides presentation that shares information. For some of the slides, design comprehension questions. Create buttons on the slide to ask the user to select the correct answer.

Slides Hyperlink

Use the keyboard shortcut Control K to hyperlink an object on the slide.
control K

Choose “Slides in this presentation” to hyperlink to another slide.
slides in this presentation

Make sure you click on “Apply” when hyperlinking to another slide.
click on apply

Published URL

When in edit mode hyperlinks require an extra step to work. Click on the object that is hyperlinked and then click on the  link that appears near the object. This is not a good way to do it for Slides tutorials. Providing the presentation mode makes all the hyperlinked objects a single click. Presentation mode also hides the slides filmstrip on the left so users can not jump around manually.

Use the File menu to choose “Publish to the web…”
file publish to the web

Share the published URL with users.
share the published URL

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