Poster – Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Keep allows you to keep sticky notes to remind you of all kinds of things. I use it a lot for anything I want to remember later. Since it is a Google tool you can access it from ANY device. Go to or install the app on your phone. Google Keep shortcuts help you to use this amazing tool even better!

Make a New Note

Go to or and quickly create a Google Keep note. But once you’re in Google Keep simply press the letter C to compose a new note.

Press the C key to start a new note

Pin the Note

You can pin your notes to the top of Google Keep by pressing the F key.

F key to pin a note in Google Keep.

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Create Checkboxes

List your todo items or ideas in a new note with checkboxes by pressing the L key. This quickly allows you to create a List. Check off your items in the note as well!

L key to make lists in Google Keep

Archive the Note

Done with your note for now? Archive it. Press the E key.

e key to archive a google keep note

Delete the Note

Done with the note totally? Use the # key (Shift 3) to delete the note. Tip, this is the same keyboard shortcut for Google Drive to delete a file.

Use the # key to delete a note.

Select the Note

Press L to seLect the note.

X key will select a note

Toggle Grid View

My favorite way to list notes is in Grid view, but you may just want a list of your notes. Try Control G (Command G on a Mac) to see it in a list.

Control G to toggle the grid

Indent the List Items

I just recently realized you can indent the checkboxes. Now I am using it all the time. Use Control Bracket to indent (or un indent) the list item. (Command ] on a Mac)

Control Bracket to indent list items.
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