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Free Poster: Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts will save you so much time! Learn one keyboard shortcut a week with these FREE Keyboard Shortcuts posters
Free Poster: Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning a new keyboard shortcut a week will help you to be more efficient with the computer. If your students are using Chromebook consider having the keyboard shortcut of the week and you practice it with them all week. John Sowash, author of the book Chromebook Classroom, shared a tweet with a poster of the keyboard shortcuts for the Chromebook. Checkout these Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Alice’s Top 5 Favorite Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Chromebook Clipboard

a better version of ctrl + c! Press Search button and v to view the last 5 items you copied.

2. Split Screen

Alt key and the left bracket will dock the window to the left side of the screen. Right bracket ] will dock to the right.

3. Partial Screenshot

Control Shift Windows Switcher key. This key combination will allow the user to draw a rectangle around the desired area. Be quick, the little pop up in the right corner allows you to copy to the clipboard for easy copy and paste into Google Slides

4. Text to Speech

The search button and s will read highlighted text.

5. Caps Lock

Alt key and the search button will turn Caps Lock on and off.

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