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5 Fast Keyboard Shortcuts

You want to go FASTER! Use these 5 fast keyboard shortcuts to get your work done FAST!
5 fast keyboard shortcuts
5 Fast Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s go faster! Here are 5 fast keyboard shortcuts to help you get your work done FASTER! Learn one keyboard shortcut a week and watch how fast you become a ninja on the computer. Put your keyboard shortcut of the week on a sticky note on your computer.

1. Control W

Control W closes the WINDOW! Stop dragging your mouse to the top of the screen each time to close student work. This will save you a ton of time! Give feedback… close the tab with Control W!

2. Shift Arrow

Have you ever highlighted text only to miss a single character. Argh, frustrating! Hold down the shift key and use either the right or left arrow to capture that extra character.

3. Control L

Control L highlights the URL. ALL OF IT! I all the time need to copy the link to the website or Google Doc that I am looking at. Control L makes this super quick. This ONLY highlights the URL so you will need to use Control C to copy it.

4. Control 1

Control 1 jumps you to the 1st tab. Control 2 jumps you to the second tab. Get in the habit of having your key websites (email, gradebook, etc… ) in the same tab so you can lightening fast get to what you need to check.

5. Control Shift D

Control D will bookmark your current page. Throw the shift key into that combination and all your tabs become a bookmarked folder! That will definitely save you time. Troll the internet for resources on a particular topic and then use Control Shift D to save all those sites at once!

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