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Google Slides Keyboard Shortcuts

Free poster of Google Slides keyboard shortcuts.
Google Slides Keyboard Shortcuts

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Google Slides

Google Slides is Google Workspace’s presentation tool. But truly it is so much more than simply a presentation tool. Google Slides is a collaboration space and can even be gamifed. Check out how to create a game board in Google Slides by using the Add-on “Dice Slides by Schoolytics.” Google Slides allows multiple students to be on the same slides at the same time. Use the Google Slides Add-on “Randomize Slides by Schoolytics

Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the best ways to get really good at a product is to take some time to learn the keyboard shortcuts. Google Slides has many helpful keyboard shortcuts that I have arranged into a handy reference poster. Print out the keyboard shortcuts poster for you and your students to reference. One of my favorite keyboard shortcuts that I use every time I use Google Slides is CONTROL SHIFT UP ARROW (Command Shift Up Arrow on a Mac.)

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