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Google Drive: Share with a Period

Sharing in Google Drive

Be a Keyboard Shortcut Ninja

Learn one keyboard shortcut a week and you’ll be a ninja of the computer by the end of the school year! Put your keyboard shortcut on a Post-It note on your computer. When you have that one mastered, learn another one.

Sharing in Google Drive

What makes Google Apps truly innovative, besides the elimination of the save button, is COLLABORATION! This means you should be sharing your Google Docs with others. You can share from within the document by clicking on the blue share button in the upper right. In Google Drive you can click on a file and choose the share icon from the toolbar or right click on the file and choose “Share.”
google drive right click and share

Keyboard Shortcut

That is too slow. Click once on the file in Google Drive and press the period/dot key.
keyboard key period

Press the period to open the sharing settings.
Google Drive press the period and share

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