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Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

If your students are using Chromebooks help them to learn the keyboard shortcuts. As part of my job at schoolytics.com I created this poster for you to share. Suggestion to have a keyboard shortcut of the week! Start with making sure students know how to RIGHT CLICK on their Chromebook. This can be accomplished with 2 fingers on the trackpad or holding down the Alt key and clicking. Screenshots on a Chromebook are an another essential skill.

Free poster of Chromebook shortcuts by Schoolytics


The key that looks like a rectangle with 2 lines on it is difficult to describe. “Windows Switcher Key” is not that meaningful. When students hold down the Control key and the “Windows Switcher Key” it will take a full screenshot. Control + Shift + Windows Switcher key will allow the student to take a partial screenshot on the Chromebook. The screenshots save to the Downloads folder in the files.

Partial Screenshot on a Chromebook Control Shift Windows Switcher Key


Help students using a Chromebook quickly find their files by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+m. Once they are viewing the files folder, have students right click (two fingers on the trackpad or hold down the Alt key and click with the mouse) on the files icon in the shelf at the bottom of the screen. “Pin to shelf.” Pinning the Files folder to the shelf is incredibly helpful for Chromebook users.


If you would like a version that has a white background

White background Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts poster

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