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How to Create Google Slides Games

Free Game templates for Google Slides that use Dice. Install Dice Slides by Alice Keeler to have Google Dice.
How to Create Google Slides Games

“How to Create Google Slides Games” is more than just a concept; it’s an innovative approach to transforming Google Slides into interactive and educational platforms. I have personally developed an Add-on that is a game-changer in this realm, allowing you to add dice to any Google Slide with ease. This breakthrough brings “How to Create Google Slides Games” to life, offering endless opportunities for creating both math and non-math games. Below, you’ll find a variety of templates specifically designed for this purpose, each one showcasing how Google Slides can be much more than a tool for presentations, but rather a dynamic space for interactive learning and fun.

Use Google Slides to create a game in any Google Slides using the Dice Slides Add on for Google Dice.

Dice Slides by Alice Keeler

This Add-on is FREE. It collects NO user data. It collects NO PII. Install the Add-on and use the Add-on menu to select “Dice Slides by AliceKeeler” to show the sidebar.

Dice in Any Google Slides

Design any Google Slides to be a game that requires dice similar to the one on 벳엔드. The Add-on Dice Slides by Alice Keeler will allow you to use the sidebar to place dice onto any Slide.


Show Sidebar

The sidebar of Dice Slides by Schoolytics will allow you to “roll” between 1 and 6 dice. Select “Roll 1” to “Roll 6” for a pop up of the dice rolls. This allows the game slides to not be altered with the dice rolls. To place the dice on the slide, use “Place 1” to “Place 6.” This will add, to the upper right, small cubes with a dice roll number on them.

Sidebar in Google Slides showing Schoolytics.

How to Create Google Slides Games

Start with a Game Concept: Before anything else, decide on the type of game you want to create. Whether it’s an educational quiz, a virtual board game, or a story-driven adventure, having a clear concept is crucial. Outline the objectives, rules, and how players will interact with the game.

Step 1: Understanding the Basics of Google Slides

Before diving into game creation, familiarize yourself with Google Slides. It’s a user-friendly platform where you can create slides with various elements like text, images, and shapes. The key to turning these slides into games is understanding how to use these elements creatively.

Step 2: Utilizing the Custom Add-on for Enhanced Interactivity

I’ve developed a custom Add-on for Google Slides that allows you to integrate dice into any presentation. This feature is particularly useful for creating games, as it adds an element of chance and unpredictability, making the games more engaging.

Step 3: Designing Your Game Concept

Decide on the type of game you want to create. It could be educational, focusing on subjects like math or language arts, or it could be just for fun. Outline your game’s objectives, rules, and the way players will interact with the Slides.

Step 4: Creating Interactive Elements

Use hyperlinks within your slides to create interactivity. You can link different slides to create a story or a journey that players navigate through. For example, answering a question correctly could take the player to the next challenge slide.

Step 5: Incorporating Visuals and Themes

Enhance your game with visuals and themes. Use images, GIFs, and animations to make your game visually appealing and engaging. Themes can be educational, adventure, fantasy, or anything that suits your game’s concept.

Step 6: Testing and Tweaking Your Game

Before sharing your game, it’s important to test it. Play through it to ensure that all links work and that the game flows as expected. Gather feedback from a small group and make necessary adjustments.

Sharing Your Google Slides Game

Once your Google Slides game is ready, share it with your audience. Whether it’s for a classroom, a corporate training session, or just for fun, Google Slides games offer a unique and engaging way to learn and interact.

Remember, “How to Create Google Slides Games” is not just about the technical aspects; it’s about unleashing creativity and transforming a simple presentation tool into an interactive gaming experience. So, get creative, have fun, and start building your very own Google Slides games today!

Some Templates for How to Create Google Slides Games

I created these templates in Google Slides specifically to work with the Dice Slides by Schoolytics Add-on. To create these I designed the layouts in Canva. I used “Presentation” as the template. Downloading as PNG images allows me to set them as the background in Google Slides. Use the View menu and select “Theme builder.” From there I will delete the pre made layouts and add new layouts with the Canva backgrounds. The key is realizing where the Dice Slides by Schoolytics will place the dice.

Using the Menu option of “Place Die” a large die, of a random color, will appear in the upper right. Using the sidebar options, placing die are much more subtle. Up to 6 die can be placed in the upper right hand corner.

Game Board

Game board path created in Canva

Create a board game in Google Slides. In the Add-on menu select “Dice Slides by Schoolytics” to create built in dice for the game. Students will need a game piece to move around the game board. Use the option “Add Game Piece” in the Dice Slides by Schoolytics menu to add a cylinder game piece to the board. This can be dragged and moved around the board.

Use the Google Slides Add-on menu to select Dice Slides by Schoolytics. Use Add Game Piece

I have provided below the Canva template I used to create the game board.

Math Facts Dice

Do you use dice to have students practice their math facts? I created a Google Slides version. One fun reason to use Google Slides with the Dice Slides by Schoolytics Add-on is to be able to play virtually with anyone around the world. Simply share the Google Slides with someone. Both players would need to have the Add-on installed. When a remote opponent plays, the dice rolls will appear on the screen allowing both players to see the dice rolls. A challenge when using real dice.

Math Facts Dice Template

Tell Me Template

Use the Tell Me template to have students get to know each other. On the questions slide add 6 questions for the student to answer. It might be “What is your favorite food” or “What is a place you want to visit?” Students then roll a single die to determine which question to answer. In the Add-on menu select “Dice Slides by Schoolytics” and use the “Place Die” option add a dice roll to the upper right hand corner of the slide.

Story Dice

Help students creatively tell a story. Use this template to give students options about the setting, plot, and characters. Perhaps a noun that must be included in the story. Add as many element slides as you wish! Students use the Add-on menu to choose “Dice to Slides by Schoolytics” and select “Place Die” to determine which story element they will include.

Story Dice template to use with Dice Slides by Schoolytics Add on.

Yahtzee Template

This will require that you know the rules for playing Yahtzee. Basically you need 5 dice per player. In this Google Slides version, each player will be on their own slide and roll to add dice. DELETE dice manually from the slide for each turn.

Rolling 5 yahtzee dice in the sidebar.

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