Roll Dice in Google

Let Google Help You Be a Dungeon Master

Google has a plethora of cool calculators and Easter eggs if you just know what to search for. “How many calories are in a brownie?” “Graph y equals 36x squared minus 7x plus 3.” But those are not quite as fun as rolling D20 dice… Or any dice.

Rolling D20 dice

Simple Google Search

Go to

Roll a Die

In the search box simply tell Google to roll a die. A six sided die will animate.


A D20 die is a 20 sided die. D&D fans are very familiar with these.

Type d20 into the search. A dice roll animates.

D20 dice

Choose your dice type. D20 refers to a 20 sided die so d6 refers to a regular 6 sided die. Want a different sided die? Continue the pattern.

Multiple Dice

Who doesn’t want 2 d20 dice?? Type 2d20 into the search. Want to roll 4 regular six sided die? Type in 4d6.

Role 4 six sided die

Don’t Lose the Dice

Rolling actual dice is more fun and tactile. However, when you have lost a die or want to project a dice roll for your class this is a quick and free way to go!

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