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Essential Teacher Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Control T and Control W

I was showing a couple of teachers from my kids school some Google things and one asked me “How did you get that tab open?” KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! Learning keyboard shortcuts helps us to blast through our digital teacher tasks faster.

Control T

Control T opens a new tab. I’m surprised the T key on my laptop isn’t worn straight through.

Online Workshop for Keyboard Shortcuts

Control W

Literally, my resting position on the laptop is on Control W to close the tab (think Window if you need a W word). I open student work, then Control W closes it!

S to Star

I’m so practiced at using keyboard shortcuts I don’t even think about it anymore. The first-grade teacher was telling me she has her kids create their weekly journal entry on Google Slides. I was showing how to use which allows her to use a spreadsheet to suck in all of the journal entries from the Google Slides so she does not have to open any of the slides in order to give feedback. It also pushes the feedback back to the student Slides. She will reuse the same spreadsheet to see the students’ journal responses. Star the spreadsheet in Google Drive by single clicking on the spreadsheet and pressing the letter s. Just s 🙂

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