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Poster of Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Slides

I love Google Slides. It is so much more than a presentation tool! It is a fantastic collaboration space. Start by going to slides.new to create a new Google Slides. Venture over to slides.google.com to see Google Drive beautifully filtered for Google Slides. I have created a poster of Google Drive keyboard shortcuts. Get this free poster of Google Slides keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient at using Google Slides.

Keyboard Shortcuts Poster

Print this poster for use in your classroom. Please do NOT repost this on your website. Please feel free to provide links back to the blog post in your newsletter/blog. Right click on the image to download the poster.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn one keyboard shortcut a week to increase your productivity!

Control Shift Up Arrow

Control Shift Up Arrow is probably my most used keyboard shortcut after Control C copy and Control V paste. Check out this video I made using my free Canva for Education account.

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Tab Key

Use the Tab key to move between objects on the slide. This is especially helpful when you need to get to an object completely behind another object.

5 Pixels

When using the arrow keys to move objects on a Google Slides slide, the object moves 5 pixels at a time. Hold down the SHIFT key when you use the arrow keys to move only one pixel. This helps you nudge things exactly into place. (Note: this is opposite in Canva for Education.)

The Filmstrip

The filmstrip is the lineup of thumbnails of your slides on the left hand side. Click on the slide thumnails in the filmstrip to switch to a slide. PRESS ENTER while selecting a thumbnail in the filmstrip and a brand new slide with the same layout will be added.

Keyboard Shortcut for Straight Lines

Looking to make straight lines in Google Slides? Hold down the shift key as you create lines. They will come out vertical, horizontal, or if you want at a sharp angle.

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