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Google Drive Press V

Google Drive: Press V

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Press V to Toggle Grid View List view or Grid view in Google Drive. Both are helpful! List view shows a text list of your documents. Grid view shows a visual tile of your documents. Toolbar Icon There is a toolbar icon to toggle list view and grid view. It is the 4 squares under the G Suite logo in… Read More »Google Drive: Press V

Press N for a New Tweet

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Press N to Compose a Tweet I love keyboard shortcuts. They make me much more efficient when using the computer. Twitter has a few keyboard shortcuts that can be very helpful. N – New Tweet When using twitter.com or even tweetdeck.com you can press N to start a new tweet. Control Enter – Send After pressing N to start a new… Read More »Press N for a New Tweet

Control Z Undo

Control Z – Undo

Use Control Z/Undo Liberally Do not be afraid! Try it! You can UNDO! Master the keyboard shortcut Control Z (Command Z on a Mac). Try a new font, do not like it, Control Z. Accidentally type something in a spreadsheet and it deletes what you had in the cell, Control Z. Keep On Control Z In many applications, you can… Read More »Control Z – Undo

5 keyboard shortcuts to try

5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Try

Try These 5 Keyboard Shortcuts I recommend you learn one keyboard shortcut a week. Here are 5 lesser known shortcuts to get you through the next 5 weeks. Chromebook Shortcuts Control Shift Windows Switcher key: Take a partial screenshot. Hold down the Ctrl key and the Shift key. Press the key which looks like a rectangle and two lines. This… Read More »5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Try

Control D Duplicate

Control D – Duplicate

Duplicate with Control D Rather than using Control C to copy and Control V to paste, try Control D to duplicate! Control D duplicates objects when drawing, for example in Google Slides or Google Drawing. If you are using Insert->Drawing into Google Docs, you can duplicate shapes in there as well. In Google Slides you can duplicate a slide with… Read More »Control D – Duplicate

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts [Infographic]

Infographic of Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Link to infographic Turn On Keyboard Shortcuts Unlike the other Google Apps you need to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. Click on the settings cog and choose “Settings.” Scroll down in the settings a bit to find the option to turn on keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts Send The trick is to learn one at a… Read More »Gmail Shortcuts [Infographic]

Use the Tab Key

Use More Tab

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The Tab Key Is Cool The Tab key is woefully underutilized. Try out some of these Tab key tips! Indent Let’s start with the obvious. The Tab key indents the first line of your paragraph. Place your cursor at the beginning of your paragraph and press the Tab key. Indent Bullets When creating a bulleted or numbered list, use the… Read More »Use More Tab

3 essential keyboard shortcuts

3 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

3 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Assuming you already have Control C (copy) and Control V (Paste) down solid here are 3 you should be using on a regular basis. My goal is to try to use the mouse as little as possible. Increase your productivity and reduce your chance of carpal tunnel. Control T – New Tab Curious about something and… Read More »3 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

3 google drive shortcuts

3 Google Drive Shortcuts

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3 Google Drive Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts can help you to be significantly more productive. Here are a few of my favorite ones in Google Drive. 1. Rename In Google Drive single click on a file name and press the N key. This will allow you to rename the document. One way I use this a lot is with the Webcam… Read More »3 Google Drive Shortcuts

Google Drive: P for Preview

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Google Drive: P for Preview I highly suggest you learn one keyboard shortcut a week. You’ll be a computer ninja in no time! When you are using Google Drive click on file and press the letter P. This will open a preview of the file. Esc Press the escape key to exit the preview. Next File Notice to the left… Read More »Google Drive: P for Preview

Control T – Open a New Tab

Control T – Open a New Tab I have to admit I get a little twitchy when I see someone using the mouse or trackpad to open a new tab. CONTROL T! Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the easiest ways to significantly improve your efficiency when using the computer. Take the challenge to learn one new shortcut a week… Read More »Control T – Open a New Tab

pixel art trick

Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick

Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick Students love using pixel art. It is basically paint by number. There are lots of ways for students to use pixel art for academic reasons. Check out this brownie division activity adapted from a Jo Boaler Mathematical Mindsets activity. To represent their understanding of division multiple ways students use the pixel art to cut up… Read More »Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick