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Control A – Select All

Control A

Keyboard Shortcut – Control A to Select All

Keyboard shortcuts greatly improve your productivity when using the computer. I recommend learning one a week. Put your shortcut on a post it on your computer and make an effort to use it as often as possible until it becomes muscle memory.

What prompted me to write this post is I was logging into my computer. I have a long password (and kick myself every time I try to log in as it seems I’m just keeping myself out) and frequently mess up typing it in and have to input it again.

No Backspace Key

Backspace, backspace, backspace…. nooooooooooooooooo If you find yourself backing up the whole line, try using Control A instead. Try ripping off the sticky part of the post it and sticking it on top of the backspace key with Control A as a reminder! (Mac users it is Command A).
Control A over the backspace key

Select All

Control A selects all. I do not use this very often in a Google Doc unless I want to change all the font or copy the entire amount of text. However, filling out forms, typing in websites, etc… Control A is super useful!

Control A Document Title

Notice in the animation I typed “This is my document title” and then used Control A to highlight the entire title I was typing and then type a new one.

No Backspace

When you use Control A it highlights all of the text. Since the text is highlighted there is NO NEED to press the delete or backspace key. Simply start typing to replace the text.

In the case of my bad password, Control A highlighted all of the characters and I was able to start typing it in again.

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