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UNDO with Control Z

UNDO with Control Z

Essential Skill Undo with Control Z

If you do not already know Control Z today is about to be a great day that will save you hours of future heartache. On your keyboard Control Z (or Command Z on a Mac) will UNDO.

Wipeout Email

Have you ever been typing whole paragraphs and then suddenly… poof .. it’s gone? Your wrist accidentally brushed the trackpad while you are typing and highlighted the paragraph and as you did that you typed a key and it wiped out all you had typed. It happens so fast it seems to just magically erase all your work. Control Z and your email comes back.

Try It Out

Wonder what your spreadsheet would look like if you made the columns smaller and used lime green as the paint fill for the header row? Control Z Control Z Control Z Control Z will put it right back! You can use Control Z multiple times to undo multiple steps. So be fearless to wonder … I wonder what it would look like if…

Only This Session

If you close your document and reopen it… Control Z will no longer work. It only works if you are undoing the last few steps right now. Not later.

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