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Press N for a New Tweet

Press N for a New Tweet

Press N for a new tweet

Press N to Compose a Tweet

I love keyboard shortcuts. They make me much more efficient when using the computer. Twitter has a few keyboard shortcuts that can be very helpful.

N – New Tweet

press n

When using twitter.com or even tweetdeck.com you can press N to start a new tweet.

Control Enter – Send

After pressing N to start a new tweet, you can send the tweet with Control Enter. Good news, this keyboard shortcut works in lots of places! This works in Google Docs when you are making a comment, use Control Enter to save the comment. If you have Gmail shortcuts set up, Control Enter will send the email.

F – Like (Favorite)

Click on a tweet, if you want to like it (heart, favorite) press the F key.
Favorite the tweet

R – Reply

Want to reply to the tweet, press R.
r key

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