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Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Tab Switching

If you are like me and have multiple tabs open you will need to switch tabs frequently. The favicons displayed on the tab  help but I still am using the mouse to click on the tabs. Control Tab On a Mac, holding down the control key and pressing tab multiple times will cycle through your open tabs. Command + Tab… Read More »Quick Tab Switching

Adding Comments to a Google Doc

One of the best things about Google Docs is the ability to collaborate. For my classes students will create their assignments in a Google Doc and share it with me with edit or comment only rights. This allows me to eliminate using class time to collect and pass back papers. Comments Google Docs allow me to insert comments, like post… Read More »Adding Comments to a Google Doc

Opening Links

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When you come across a hyperlink in a webpage try holding down the COMMAND key (Mac) or CONTROL key (PC) while you click on the link. This will cause it to open in another window rather than replace the window you are on. Keyboard Shortcuts I find that I have frequent need to use this series of keyboard shortcuts: C,… Read More »Opening Links

Finding Things

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Photo Credit: Editor B via Compfight cc By using command F on a Mac or control F on a PC you can search the text on the page. This is particularly handy when trying to find a student name in a roster or gradebook. Not only is the name found, typically you are jumped to the location of said name.… Read More »Finding Things

Keyboard Shortcuts

Link to Keyboard Shortcut Poster: http://goo.gl/3JWY8B Link to Mac Keyboard Shortcut Poster: http://goo.gl/tNU2iP

Golden Keyboard Shortcuts

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If I can give any educator a piece of advice, it is to learn some keyboard shortcuts. The faster you are with keyboard shortcuts the more productive you are. We spend so much time planning, grading, creating, interacting with students, doing yard duty, meeting with parents, attending meetings, cleaning our own whiteboards, etc… we need to find ways to save… Read More »Golden Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom in Google Chrome

If you are using the Google Chrome browser and want to zoom in on the screen (particularly useful if you are in a Google Hangout and want to screenshare) you can go to the 3 stacked lines in the upper right hand corner of your browser.  This is where you can find your browser settings. One of the settings is… Read More »Zoom in Google Chrome

Mac Tip: Spacebar to Preview

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One trick on my MAC that I use quite frequently is to hit the spacebar to preview a file.  I have lots of screenshots (command+shift+4) on my desktop and they all say screenshot so it is challenging to know which one I want.  I have PowerPoints, text documents, PDF’s, videos, etc… and I tend to want to know what it… Read More »Mac Tip: Spacebar to Preview