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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Control X – You are not using it, but you should be.

Control X – You are not using it, but you should be.

control X


You may be familiar with the keyboard shortcuts Control C to copy and Control V to paste. But what is Control X?

z x c v


Those first 4 keys on the bottom row of the keyboard are the most essential. The X stands for CUT.

Highlight a word, sentence or paragraph.

Hold down the Control key and then press X one time.

Do not panic, it is suppose to CUT OUT what you had highlighted. It is not the same as delete though.

The cut text is copied to the clipboard.

Place your cursor somewhere else in the document and use Control V to paste.

Control X is invaluable to the editing process as you sometimes need to move sentences or paragraphs around.

The other genius about Control X is that it did copy the text to the clipboard. This means you can paste it multiple times in the same document or you can paste it into anything else that accepts text. Cut text from a spreadsheet and paste it into an email or text document. Cut text from an online form you are filling out and paste it into a presentation.

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