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Google Voice for Educators

TjHouston.com posted to his blog 5 reasons why every educator should have a Google Voice account. I have blogged previously about my love for Google Voice in the classroom.  I will add in a couple of my own reasons. Keeping my cell phone number private, I give out my Google Voice number to students and parents. I can set my… Read More »Google Voice for Educators

Add a Favicon to your Google Site

Update: Previously I had linked to a blog posting by Jonathan Wylie and his site educationtechnologyblog.com.  Unfortunately the posting has been taken down. In response I have posted on my blog the step by step directions for creating a favicon on your Google Site. Click Here to visit my step by step directions. When I create my favicons I use the site: http://www.favicon.cc/… Read More »Add a Favicon to your Google Site

Math Symbols in Google

If you want to put math symbols into your Google Presentations it can be a little tricky.  In Google Docs there is an equation editor that will allow you to directly insert equations.  (Note: If you know LaTeX you can use the LaTeX notation instead of using the toolbar to save yourself time). However, in Google Presentation there is not… Read More »Math Symbols in Google

Google Docs in the Classroom

The information on how to go Google in your classroom was better than I could do, I am copying what was listed: https://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcdn7mjg_72nh25vq Using Google Docs in the classroom: Simple as ABC What is Google Docs? Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processing, presentations and spreadsheets program. Unlike desktop software, Google Docs lets people create web-based documents, presentations and… Read More »Google Docs in the Classroom

Switch to Google Docs

I am becoming more and more convinced that most people do not need Microsoft Office. There are a few people who need advanced features in Office, but most people do not need it. Here is a link to a list I made in response to someone asking me a question about changing the lame defaults in Word. http://tinyurl.com/448c7le

Collaborating with Google Docs

I am a fan of collaboration, and I’m always trying to spread the google docs love, but today was just the ultimate for me.  I run the neighborhood association and was tardy on making the agenda for the meeting.  I duplicated the last months agenda and within a couple of minutes my communications officer, Barb, was adding to the agenda… Read More »Collaborating with Google Docs

Google Voice in the classroom

What is Google Voice? In short it gives you a new phone number that you can attach multiple phone numbers to. So an individual can call your Google Voice number and it will ring all the phones you put in the settings AT THE SAME TIME. But the beauty of it is that you can give out your number without… Read More »Google Voice in the classroom

Sharing a Google Doc

One of the powerful tools about Google Doc’s is the ability to share.  This enables collaboration and also to keep others in the loop on your project.  To share directly with another person click on the “SHARE” button in the upper right hand corner of your google doc.  If students put in your email you will not only get notification… Read More »Sharing a Google Doc

Google Forms Notifications

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When using google docs you can create forms to allow parents/students or colleagues to send you information.  One thing you want to make sure you do is Go to docs.google.com Make your form Open your spreadsheet that is created when you make a form. Go to tools Choose notification rules Select for it to email you when a user submits… Read More »Google Forms Notifications