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Sharing folders in Google Drive allows you to easily share multiple files without having to remember the email addresses of everyone in your class or on your team. The advantage to sharing a folder rather than sharing files is that it is a one time sharing. Once the folder is shared, anything placed in the folder will automatically be shared. This helps to ensure that anyone who needs information about your project or class always have the complete and current list of document.

New Button

Click on the “New” button (formerly Create) on the left hand side of Google Drive. The first option in the menu is to create a folder.
google drive new folder


If you would like a folder within a folder, first go to the folder you want to put the new folder in. Clicking “New” and choosing folder will place that folder within the folder you have open. You can also drag a folder into another folder if you would like to.

Select Folder

In the new Google Drive the checkboxes are gone. Now you can easily single click on the folder to select it.
google drive share folder

Share Icon

In the toolbar above the file listings is an icon to share. The icon looks like a shadow of a person with a plus button. Click on the share icon.
google drive share folder 2

Type in Email Addresses

By default the folder is private. The exception to this is if you create the folder within another folder that is not private, the sub folder takes on the sharing settings of the parent folder.

You can click on the word “Change” if you would like to change the folder from being private. This is important if you’re trying to share a collection of files with parents or other non collaborators.

At the bottom of the share screen is an option to input the email address of collaborators. If you are sharing with a large group of collaborators, such as a classroom of students, use a Google Form to collect the email addresses so you can copy and paste the emails rather than typing them.
change and share google drive

Link to Share

The link at the top of the share screen is the link you can use to share with people who are not explicit collaborators with documents in the folder.

In Drive, single click on the folder and choose the link icon in the toolbar above the document list. Copy (Control C) the link to the folder.
share link google drive

Add to Drive

Collaborators who you explicitly shared the folder with will want to make sure that they add the folder to “My Drive.” They will find the folder under “Incoming” on the left hand side. Hovering over the shared folder in the “Incoming” list will show an icon to allow the collaborator to add the folder to their Drive. For more information link to my blog post on sharing files in Google Drive.
add to my drive


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